Tibetan and Crystal Bowls Speak Beyond

Many of us love to talk. Some of us like to be very quiet, unless provoked. For me, the BowlSounds of Tibetan singing Bowls and Bells are better at doing the talking for me.
Often I am reminded of the Buddhist who talks so much about awareness that he fails to notice that his audience is trying to run for the door to escape his chatter.

Or the person who prattles on and on about the importance of meditation and silence.

There are times that I love to talk. Get on a topic I am passionate about and the faucet gets turned on. I have learned however that no matter how much I have studied word power and symbolism, and am known around the world for it, words have limits. That’s because words are about limits. Words are tools that help us limit vast possibilities.

We cannot accurately discuss the Infinite with words only.

The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named is not the eternal name
The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth
The named is the mother of myriad things – Tao Te Ching


Tibetan and Crystal Bowls when I play them speak the Tao without my speaking words. The BowlSounds speak the Infinite beyond usual orations.

I have experienced many times the Bowls telling me things I could never voice myself.

Manifestation is words. Reality is beyond them.

That is why Music and the BowlSounds are vital to me.

Music speaks the heart of the Infinite when it is at its best. The Infinite cannot completely be defined, and It can surely be uncomfortable for those who wish to think themselves rulers of It or of others. The Infinite Sound cannot be defined by any limitation we may conjure. It is a Power that represents the Unifying Power and Source within and without.

That’s not a Power to trifle with, yet many do. One can use that same Sound Power to enslave others, and plenty of people have done so. People have used Sound Power to hypnotize others into believing that materialism is enlightened progress.

Yet the Infinite Sound itself is the Sound of each of us, and all of us. We cannot experience the Sound of the Infinite and dismiss the needs of our brothers and sisters. We cannot hear that Sound and be glad we are getting one over on others. We can’t get all we can get at the expense of other people and claim our use of Music is “empowering.” That’s not Sound judgment.

Sound Judgment is when we hear that Something in Music that calls out to that Something within us that we know is true. We can’t talk about it, although we try. We cannot share it, although we desperately wish to do so. The only way we can pass that Sound along is to share Its atmosphere in our own atmosphere, enriched by the Sound of the Infinite we have heard.

So while I surely like to talk with people, and to write, and to create lyrics to hint at what cannot be put into words, it always comes back to the Sound of the Infinite within us that knows how to say it best.

That is what I try to allow to be played with my BowlSounds.

In the BowlSounds all silly conjuring of limitations of naming falls away for a moment. In the spaces we catch the Infinite and sense It within us. As that happens, we begin to realize that what we need to be told comes from within. The Sound we hear outside vibrates us inside. We start to hear that Something with us. We feel it. That feeling IS the Sound of the Infinite.

That’s why Music and the BowlSounds are a must for me.

It sure beats me trying to say it in words.

By Kenton Knepper