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Crystal Singing Bowls Performance In Unusual Places and Times

I have performed my Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowl BowlSounds at many intimate and wonderful places. Recently, I was asked by a family to perform my BowlSounds for a funeral. Why a funeral?

This particular event revolved around the passing of a person who used to come visit me and attend certain Singing Bowl performances. She owned a Bowl she purchased from me, and sent my cat and I a book on how cats were secret Zen masters. She loved my cat greatly. My cat was getting older now, 22 in fact, but she outlived our friend “Jane”. My cat had suddenly become blind the day before I heard of Jane’s passing. Many things were up in the air and uncertain it seemed.

When I was asked to perform for Jane’s funeral, of course I agreed. I was the sole music for a wedding ceremony, and now I was to join other musicians in a funeral.

I’ll tell you why this isn’t as strange as it might at first sound. Those of you who know my story, know I began to play the Bowls anew with the passing of a dear friend and mystic. Soon after this, I was playing Bowls for a friend who was making his transition too. That was the time the Bowls began to play differently than they ever had played before. People felt the difference. No one could name it, but the sensation they had listening to my Tibetan and Crystal Bowl performances was unlike any others they had heard or felt. In these transitions of dear and important friends, the Bowls and I changed.

I began to buy more Bowls once I was set on this mission of BowlSounds playing. For a while, every time I bought a new Bowl, someone I knew passed on. Really young people, not just older people I knew, were making their transition suddenly. I finally said to What Is that if I were to have this job I had to purchase Bowls without causing people to leave the planet. Otherwise I would stop playing entirely! With that, I was able to buy Bowls, or receive Bowls from others, without people passing on. That was a real relief. It might have been deemed superstitious, but if such things happened to you, you’d want to be sure that whatever powers might be wouldn’t continue having people pass on every time you bought a particular thing you needed for your work too.

The message I got at the time was simply that, when used consciously and correctly, the Crystal and Tibetan Bowl performances were about helping people make transitions. That didn’t at all mean people had to transition out of their current bodies. Instead it meant that the Bowl performances were intended to be transformational. Things couldn’t get better for people, they could not evolve, and have things stay the same.

So the power of the BowlSounds performances comes from that sound that some have called “Home” “The Universe” “Other Planes” “Inner Dimensions” “Music of the Spheres” and such. The Bowl performances are intended to help people make transitions and transformations in their lives, to better connect with their innermost Self, to feel a sense of Universal Love, and to transform the limits of the outer into the Endless Possibilities that vibrate within us all.

To me, performing for a funeral of a friend literally meant to help her in her transition, as well as help friends and family connect and transform into their new lives as well.

BowlSound performances are always about connecting on new levels, reaching for other realms, transitioning from one level of awareness to another.

Helping people transition from this plane to another is not so different from helping people transition from the mundane to the spiritual, from the outer to the inner, from the single life to the wedded life. Each moment that we sense is larger than mundane life is perfect for Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowl performances, if those performances are done properly, with right intent and awareness.

BowlSounds is always about Beyond the obvious or mundane. They mean to connect us to the idea that every place, every moment, every situation, is of cosmic importance, occurring on sacred ground. No matter where you are, or are not, or what you are doing, or being.

Even funerals.

If you want things to get better, that is, to change, then the BowlSounds can help you tune into those transformational powers.

Perhaps that was why ultimately I had to get back to Music and the Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls. I am too much of a Scorpio to be able to ignore transitional and transformational work, and the BowlSounds are sure to do just that for us all.

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