Harmony Reminder – Beatle-fied!

Today, rather than talk about Crystal Singing Bowls or Tibetan Singing Bowls, I wanted to talk about a related issue in music and consciousness.

There seems to be a great deal of disharmony these days.

Sometimes I am tempted to say that auto-tuning, the mechanical means to make someone completely out of tune sound like they can sing (as used by many pop bands and lead “singers” today) are messing with the real harmonious vibrations of Voice.

Yet, I am not opposed to technology. It’s just that we are creating with our words, sounds, imagery and music a great deal of disharmony. I wonder how much that vibrates consciousness, allowing us to feel at ease with dis-ease and disharmony.

So, just for fun, here is a little sound pill. It’s not a complete antidote. You’ll have to sing along, play along, or decide to vibrate more harmoniously yourself.

This little bit of harmony will serve as a reminder that we can be unique, inspiring, challenging and deep, while remaining harmonious.

Is this some great metaphysical vibration tuned to a specific Hertz measurement?

No. It’s the Beatles.

In fact, it is simply the vocals and harmonies of the last epic song on Abbey Road, vocal and harmonies only. You can hear for yourself what Wonders are created by human vocal harmony, and how it changes your own vibration, even without all the other instruments.

Click on the link below to hear for yourself:

Abbey Road 16 Minute Finale – Vocals Only

It’s 16 minutes that will stick in your consciousness and remind you to tune into the harmonious in life, despite what the outer world and its most vocal proponents of disbelief and disharmony are preaching these days.

The only meaning, and intent here, is to remember the Harmonious.

Let’s start looking for the harmonies even in disharmonious times, just as The Beatles were wont to do.

It can’t hurt, and you might just lift up yourself, and those around you a bit more as well.


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