Google the name “Kenton Knepper” and you will soon find he is a world-famous magician’s magician, mentalist, suggestionist, mental influencer and psychic entertainer. But this outward expression hides the greater depth of the teachings that have come through this man. Born in a small town in Iowa, Kenton was on an intense search for Something Greater since his early childhood. This lead him to spend a great deal of time within himself. Performance magic and love of music helped thrust Kenton into the outer world.

But it is the inner world of Kenton that many find most compelling. While Kenton has radically changed performance magic and mentalism around the globe, he has come back to his roots of teaching inner experience and Sound transformation.

You can read more about the remarkable journey of Kenton Knepper and how he became a noted teacher of meditation, contemplation and his inexplicable mystical work with sound using Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls throughout

Look for an extensive and personal explanation by Kenton himself under the heading “Kenton’s Bio”.

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BowlSounds are deeply massaging vibrations masterfully created by Kenton Knepper through the use of ancient Tibetan and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. The sounds vibrate the body and mind, creating a deeply calming effect like nothing else can. Experience a magical concert of symphonious sounds and resonances as you listen to Kenton’s unique and harmonious playing of his mysterious Bowls. Once you feel the power of BowlSounds, you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Kenton’s BowlSounds directly penetrate stressed areas, creating quick relaxation and release of tension without effort or thought. Just sit back and listen. Feel the sounds, as they massage you from the inside out.

The BowlSound method is a magical shortcut to fast relief, opening mind and body so that your own natural healing system can help repair itself. BowlSounds are the original “binaural beats” but natural, not synthetic. They blend harmoniously with your system, rather than forcing you into an artificial trance state.

Kenton lives in “The valley of the sun”, Phoenix, Arizona and is available for private or group sessions. He can also bring his visionary musical concerts to your city.

“Enjoy The Inner Wonder”