Awakening Shields MP3 Album


This first BowlSounds album by Kenton Knepper contains four tracks of about ten minutes or more each – perfect for short meditations, quick mental adjustment, or spiritual ambience.

Track 1: “Quiet 1″

A soft, contemplative Bowl arrangement that will help you drift into a new state of awareness.

Track 2:”Quiet 2″

A second quieter track that begins to energize and awaken inner awareness.

Track 3: “Winds of Change”

This track uses real, natural, wind sound to create an empowering beat and mental shift as Kenton’s Bowls uplift, energize and transcend. You may imagine or hear the sound of fire crackling as the wind blows. This track gives a nod to the outdoor meditation meetings held by a fire, during the celebration of life of one of Kenton’s dear friends. At the first meditation gathering for this friend all present felt an undeniable sense of Love that transcended any personal understanding.

Track 4: “Reincarnation”

This track is unlike any other. It is an unusual sounding track used for grounding previous experiences into useful physical arrangement. With odd rhythms that change as if trying to settle in to proper alignment, gong sounds are used as if frightening away unwanted influences and calling upon useful insight and integration. It is both the sound of an inner battle and the sound of taking all things in, fitting them into new and healthy physical experience.

The History Of This Album

This album was created for Kenton’s dear friend Dennis Shields during his last weeks of transition. It was Dennis Shields who insisted on weekly meditations and meeting during this period of his life. The one week Kenton could not attend due to previous arrangements, he gave Mr. Shields this CD to play at the weekly meeting. Only the first track, “Quiet 1″ was played publicly at the meeting, although Dennis kept the CD for himself after the meditation.

Kenton is releasing this album in memory of his dear friend who encouraged Kenton’s playing and aiding others with his Bowl Sounds. It is in part because of Dennis Shields and the making of this CD that convinced Kenton to give in to his call to do this BowlSounds work.

This album is unlike any other in its four sections. It will change your perspective, and remind you to integrate all of your life lessons into useful arrangement.

NOTE: There are often long pauses after a particular section. This is intentional. Kenton wishes to allow a “Pause for the Cause” or times of silence for the listener to experience inner guidance and communion. Keep listening… the rest of the tracks follow as you’d expect. Patience and silence are important abilities.This album is far more quiet than later CDs and download albums, but you can always turn it up louder for those so inclined.

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