Dawn of Awareness MP3 Album


A favorite! For many this album creates a shift in awareness from the very first notes played.

This album was created to help open mind and heart; allowing new exploration, encouraging personal examination, and ultimately achieving positive and enlightening transformation. Whether or not listeners are aware consciously of this Intention, the mood provided by Kenton with his Bowls in this work expresses such Intention clearly.

Often considered one of the early melodic works by Kenton, this album is cherished by many. If someone you know is new to listening to the transformational sound of Bowl Sounds or wishing a calming aid to relaxation and meditation, this is the perfect work. Kenton even uses it to shift awareness for himself.

We think that says quite a lot.

A very enjoyable and relaxing way to enter into a transcendent state of mind… for new or very experienced listeners.

Available as an MP3 audio download, instantly available to you, when you order now.

NOTE: This album is around 30 minutes in length, although you will lose track of time and space listening to it. Perfect for those who want harmonious BowlSounds and have only a short time to listen to them. You will feel the deep shifts in these 30 minutes or less!



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