Depths MP3 Album


Kenton’s “Depths” Draws Out New Depths From Within

This great depth meditative album, nearly one-hour long is now downloadable as an MP3 here only. Four tracks comprise this album. This album was released in the late Summer of 2009.

Track 1: 9th Rose Blessing (7:10)

This track incorporates a rare vocal Blessing chant in the background. The other tracks on this album may sound as if vocals or keyboards are used, but this is the only track that uses a human voice beyond the voices produced from the Bowls.

Track 2: One Resolve (16:13)

A single Bowl tone, often present in Kenton’s live performances, is used to create harmony, resolution and unity within the powerful sound of a multitude of BowlSounds. Calm one-pointedness in the midst of infinity is the soundscape here. A sense of clarity, clearing and open awareness is often associated with this track.

Track 3: The Voicing (10:00)

The singing and speaking voices heard in this track are from the Bowls themselves. No keyboards of human vocals were used. This track is a call to bring out the Inner Voice into conscious experience.

Track 4: Consciousness (26:03)

The wave sounds on this track are produced live and organically by the playing of an Ocean Drum. Any speaking voices heard are produced by the BowlSounds. No keyboards or human voices were used in this track. Rare live loops can be heard in the background representing the patterns of repeated thought made out of Infinite Consciousness. A sense of the flow of consciousness, infinite expression, and the unity of Consciousness Recognition is represented on many levels in this track. It is a fitting closing track, with a feeling of never ending movement even in vast stillness.

Play Depths in the background to feel deep relaxation as you work, maintain a sacred atmosphere no matter where you are, and aid in an ever deepening realization without word or thought.

An astonishing album filled with many depths of soundscapes and atmospheres. Available as an MP3 audio download, instantly available to you, when you order now.

NOTE: Some louder gongs or BowlSounds may occur. This is a tradition to keep people conscious and aware even when in great depths of meditation. These sounds keep one alert to the Inner Voice or Wisdoms, without the pains of a Teacher slapping or hitting you physically. We prefer the BowlSounds Way, as it is a gentler and more compassionate manner for most. These louder striking sounds may deepen an experience or bring a burst of insight as well.



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