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Symbol Magic

Symbol Magic is a fascinating topic that can be used by adults or with the entire family. This popular teaching by Kenton is currently being offered again as a limited release PDF DOWNLOAD.

* Learn symbol meanings and how they relate to your name

* Program your subconscious mind using symbol magic

* Create symbol affirmations that work like nothing else can

* Learn the secret code and write secret communications

Symbols are the language of the subconscious. They are among the best tools possible to use as communication with your deeper mind. Symbols boost affirmations as they work on multiple levels at once.

It takes most students years of study to grasp real symbol use and how to apply symbols to create real change in their lives. Even after years of study many students find making symbols practical as tools for solid progress and introspection difficult.

The special designs and system developed by Kenton for this book are easy to learn and apply. A child can draw these simple symbols. How the symbols are arranged, and how to apply them is the real secret. Kenton reveals many of his favorite symbol techniques here for all to use.

Don’t be fooled by the spirit of play offered in this work, as the results are practical and often quite astounding. This work by Kenton has been studied by a countless number of people around the world. Yet Kenton’s methods here, as usual, are simple and easy to incorporate into your daily life.

As is true of all Kenton works, many additional lessons are held within this text. Multiple levels of teaching occur by reading a seemingly direct and uncomplicated book. You will learn and progress on many levels at once, just by reading and playing with these symbols.Your conscious mind will enjoy the entertaining ideas presented, while a deeper part of you will grasp a greater measure of importance the more you read.

In the meantime, you’ll have fun!

Do character readings for yourself, family and friends. See how name symbols reveal aspects that may be hiding from you.

Use these symbols as taught in this book for insight, positive change, personal growth, intuition, obtaining your goals, better affirmations, sharing with family and friends and more.

Unique, fun and deeply useful all at the same time. Pure Kenton.

A few reviews, in case you are still unsure…

I LOVE this book! Kenton has given us a beautifully user friendly symbolic language that, once learned, takes almost no effort… just openness and the use of the imagination. Unlike many forms of metaphorical symbolism this system draws on ideas, memories and feelings that you already have within.

I have always been fascinated by archetypes and have many collections of such images from all over the globe. However to use them effectively (in psychological readings or personal self examination) can take a lifetime of acquiring knowledge. This is especially true for systems like the tarot.

However Kenton’s modern day archetypes tap into what we already know which is a real gift for folk like me, who find they can only hold a certain amount of learned theory.

You will never forget this system because you already know it!

Kenton teach us many ways to use these symbols, from personal insight to secret messages. The images have a profound ability to awaken us to the unconscious, subconscious levels of awareness, and gently lead us into leading ourselves. We all have an inner voice… and these images resonate deeply with that voice making it easier to hear. I wholeheartedly recommend this system to all those who enjoy symbolic work and the spiritual quest. – Mark Townsend, Author of The Gospel of Falling Down

I really enjoyed how Kenton calls attention to those things we could easily miss in our daily life. This book made me want to draw a deck of these symbols right away to use in my own meditations & inquiries. Thank you Kenton, for helping us access our inner creativity! – N.Z., CMP, Newark, NJ



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