This Love Is My Own

This Love Is My Own MP3 Album


Released July 2012.

Quick fact: Since listening to This Love Is My Own on my commute, I’m experiencing 93% less road rage. Try it!” – Trent Rentsch

THIS LOVE IS MY OWN was an album commissioned by a client during a particular time in their lives in which forgiveness, love and self-love was a must. We are happy to be able to release this special album to everyone now.

The following are the tracks on this downloadable album:

Track 1: We Only Forgive Ourselves 7:24

The tones evoke an energy of self-forgiveness, understanding, release and comfort to the listener. We imagine we need to forgive others. Often we need to forgive ourselves first.

Track 2: Journey To Forgiveness 22:42

A tonal journey of BowlSounds, live rain, real birds, and other natural sounds. A sort of guided meditation without speech, the tones lead you along deeper and deeper within. melodies and tones release blocked energy, allowing it to pour out so one may journey nearer to their own core Self.

Track 3: The Constant Glowing Center 13:01

The title says it all. You will hear and feel the glowing sensation that is at the center of you. Some speakers may shake due to the low Bowl tones, so you might want to adjust the volume a bit. Reconnect and ground after the deep inner journey to find the inner strength and peace within.

Track 4: This Love Is My Own 8:12

With gongs, BowlSounds and tonal atmospheres high and low, you will come to rest in a place of deep love within. It is the end of the journey, yet this end is so deep it can only be called The Beginning, and The Ever Present. Understanding the journey of interactions, reviewing all that has been considered, we integrate with Love that glows at the deepest level within. Again, some tones may vibrate your speakers so adjust sound levels accordingly if required.

This album uses NO KEYBOARDS or artificial sounds. Any natural sound effects are real nature sounds, not electronic recreations. A deep and moving album of BowlSounds for those ready to heal, work towards forgiveness, and move on in love.

NOTE: There are no lyrics or guided meditation talk involved. The tones speak beyond words to your core.

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